Stern Marketing Academy: Perfect Storm Online Training & Mastermind

I want YOU to learn the tools you need to gain the clients who will value you the most, create the connections that will open opportunities, and also teach you the full Stern Storming Methodology to move your business AND your life FORWARD.

You will learn:

  1. WordPress and the powerful platform DIVI by ElegantThemes
  2. The plug-ins and strategies you need to rise your SEO Google Ranks
  3. How to create VLOGS and BLOGS simultaneously
  4. To understand that social MEDIA marketing begins with emotionally driven MEDIA
  5. To join a COMMUNITY of like-minded entrepreneurs who know their VALUE
  6. To master the tips and tricks use by top influencers on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram
  7. How to develop a DAILY routine that will get your dramatic message out to the right people.

I have heard so many stories over my 25 years in web design, SEO, and social media marketing.

It is time to set the record straight, to learn how to use these tools the right way, and how to communicate in a way that will lead to endless clients and fruitful valuable connections and opportunities.

Our monthly Stern MASTERMIND online meetings will allow YOU to ask the tough questions and also to contribute to your peers so we can all solve each other's issues in a loving and supportive community.

Weekly challenges and accountability check-ins via our private Facebook Group.

AND an ever-growing library of video-based lessons YOU can access anytime, and anywhere.

YOU tell ME what YOU want to learn and how you want to grow, and I promise you WE will get you there.



~Darrell Stern

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