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Consistency and persistence pay off BIG in digital marketing. Let me inspire you every day!

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Facebook Page Personality

Yes, your Facebook Page as a personality of it's own.

Learn how to use your page to make connections and gain exposure.

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Make The Most Of Instagram

Through your new strategic hashtag research, media creation, and engagement, I will teach you how to grow your influence organically.

Reusing Your Videos On FB

Your media video content on your Facebook page is not a one-time event. Discover how to reuse your video content in ways the will drive even more Facebook members to do business with you.

Darrell Stern

On the Experience Pros TV show talking about marketing using BENEFITS not features and the Stern Storming Process.

Twitter Business Strategy

From posting your blogs to posting your video content to mastering the art of doing both together, learn how twitter can drive more traffic to your website.

Video Blogging & SEO

Use this text to describe your feature in detail. Visitors enjoy reading well written, descriptive copy about specific features of your product.

Wordpress Design With Divi

Landing page design CAN be done using WordPress and DIVI in a way that LOOKS spectacular and will move more website visitors to convert.


Blogging, posting and ENGAGEMENT on your LinkedIn Feed can generate amazing opportunities and clients.
Learn how in this strategic course.

Go Live On Facebook

Click the LIVE button on Facebook and you go live. That is the easy part. Learn how to organize promote and perform your broadcast to grow your business.

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Darrell Stern

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Are you ready to fully take hold of YOUR marketing,
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I can not wait to help YOU develop the stories, content, and media that will move your business and your life FORWARD!

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Inspiration and Marketing Advice

Consistency and persistence pay off BIG in digital marketing. Let me inspire you every day!


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